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About This Program

The “Rahini School of Yoga and Meditation” is a Nationally Registered Yoga Alliance School (RYS). Our 500-Hour Yoga Teacher Training Program Meets Yoga Alliance Standards. We are also a Yoga Alliance® Registered Children’s Yoga School (RCYS) and Yoga Alliance® Registered Prenatal Yoga School (RPYS).
Rahini Yoga incorporates many techniques that will guide you through your journey as a yoga student and teacher.

  • – Rahini & Hatha Yoga Postures
  • – Creative Yoga Asana Sequencing
  • – Natural Alignment Principles.
  • – How to Properly Adjust & Assist
  • – Creative Yoga Asana Sequencing.
  • – Safely Modifying Yoga Poses.
  • – Teaching Skills & Communication.
  • – Physical & Energy Anatomy.
  • – Art of Pranayama.
  • – Authentic Healing Meditation.
  • – Spiritual Studies, Sadhana & Seva
  • – Guest Buddhist Teachers from India.
  • – Kundalini & Tibetan Yoga Kriyas
  • – Mantras.
  • – Five Koshas.
  • – Three Gunas.

Tuition: $3,600. If paid in full, receive a 5% discount ($180 off tuition).

  1. Payment plan is available: Initial deposit of $600, then 8 payments of $375 (no 5% discount).
  2. Rahini Yoga 200 hour graduates receive $100 off tuition cost.
  3. The required 20 yoga classes are an additional cost, but discounted.
  4. The 7 required meditation classes are an additional cost – proceeds go to charity.
  5. “Specialized” workshops are an additional cost – “contact hours”.

Contact Person: Naomi, (631) 486-3843


Program FAQ

How do I obtain my contact hours?

The required “contact hours” are facilitated through various Rahini Yoga related and approved workshops, practices and assistant teaching assignments held at True Living Yoga Healing Center. All hours of specialized workshops by “Rahini Yoga Guest Teachers” count as “contact hours”.

What is the criteria for certification?

Each student is required to complete the 300 hours of training, all reading and written assignments, mentoring assignments, and teaching practicals. *To receive full certification, all level 2 students are required to be evaluated, tested and demonstrate understanding, knowledge, and proficiency in various aspects of the art of Rahini Yoga — this is under the discretion of the program directors. Students are also solely responsible for keeping track of their own hours and hand in a complete, organized, and detailed hour log.

What if I don't have all my hours?

Students who are not eligible upon completion of the course are given additional opportunities to fulfill the requirements. If this is the case, please speak to the Directors of the program.

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Long Island School of Yoga and Meditation:

Rahini Yoga Teacher Training (RYTT) – Senior Teacher

CRYT 500: Program Overview

Namaste & Welcome!

With 15 years of experience in training yoga teachers, we discovered the best way to learn how to teach yoga is to immerse yourself in a yogic practice and lifestyle so that your teaching comes from deep personal experiences that are meaningful, purposeful, and spiritual.

OM Shanti Shanti Shanti

  • Dr. Dean Telano/Sukh Shabad Singh, Founder & Director of Rahini School of Yoga & Meditation
  • Heidi Johnsen, CRYT 550, E-RYT 500, RMT, Co-Director of Rahini School of Yoga & Meditation, Director of Asana Training


Overview: The Rahini Teacher Training Program meets Yoga Alliance standards of Training and Study.

The 500 Hour Teacher Training is a comprehensive and flexible program designed in such a way that each student will be able to complete the program at their own pace. Most students do complete the program within two years. With the assistance of the Director and Assistant Director of the Program, a schedule of participation is developed for each student that will meet the program requirements. During the program, students are assigned a “mentor” to assist with their training and to deepen their experience with Rahini Yoga.

This program prepares the Rahini Yoga 500 Hour graduate for the Rahini Yoga 750 Hour Teacher Training Program: “RYTT Level 3”. Due to limited enrollment per year, all candidates interested in RYTT Level 3, must apply and wait upon acceptance. Acceptance is at the discretion of the Director and Assistant Director of the program and how full the program is at that time.

Prerequisites: A prerequisite of a minimum of 200 hours of teaching training from a Yoga Alliance approved school is required for enrollment. As part of the 500 Hour Training, 100 Hours of assistant teaching during the 200 Hour Rahini Yoga Workshops are required. Graduates of the 200-Hour Rahini Yoga Program can immediately begin fulfilling this requirement. Students who have graduated from a different yoga school at the 200 hour level are required to complete an additional 100 hours of training in the Rahini style of yoga. These newly enrolled students will be assisted by the current Senior Rahini Yoga Teachers to help fulfill this requirement.

Curriculum: Self-Discovery

The Rahini Yoga 500 Hour Program paves the way for the student to experience the the vigor, joy, and deep peace that Rahini Yoga offers. Rahini Yoga is a tool used for self-discovery that encourages students to create a life-long yoga practice that is rooted in taking responsibility for one’s own health and well being.

The curriculum is divided into core “modules”. The modules will take you deeper into learning and teaching by focusing on a variety of concepts and practices. Each module is an extension of the modules in the RYTT: Level 1 but entail greater knowledge, in-depth instruction, and more hours of practice and study. Each module varies in breadth, scope, and hours of study. Assignments are given with specific modules to encourage the student to explore the depth of the module and promote self-discovery.

  • Module 1: Rahini Yoga – Definition: “True Living”; Heart-Centered Yoga; Spiritual Alignment; Healing Flow of Creative Expression; Rahini Precepts; Learning Mindfulness Through Ritual Instruments; Radiant Health; Seva: Spirit of Selfless Service; Sadhana: Regular Spiritual Practice; Sangha: Yoga Community.
  • Module 2: Asana – A) Rahini Yoga Alignment Principles: In-depth; B) Additional Rahini Flows; C) Next Level Essential Asanas; D) Sanskrit; E) RAP, ROC, B.R.A.C.E.
  • Module 3: Asana Practicum – Supervised Teaching: Posture & Alignment; Transitioning; Sequencing; Cueing; Modifications; Yoga Props; Micro-Movement; Drishti; Bandhas; Rahini Breath & Movement- a Union; Yoga Class Assistant Teaching; ARC; REB.
  • Module 4: Adjustments & Assists – A) Ethics of Touching; B) Specific Hands-on Techniques; C) Assistant Class Practice; D) Adjusting through Energy Awareness; E) PP’S.
  • Module 5: Anatomy & Physiology – Anatomy, Asana & Alignment Made Easy: Additional Body Systems: Guest Lecturer.
  • Module 6: Subtle Anatomy – A) Major & Minor Chakras/Nadis/Granthis/Bandhas; B) Ten Vayus; C) Koshas; D) Tibetan Chakra System.
  • Module 7: Meditation, Pranayama, Mudras, Mantra – A) Sitting Meditation / Group Meditation Classes / Labyrinth Walks / Movement Meditation; B) Energy Building Breath Exercises & Additional Rahini Breathing Techniques; C) Healing Hand Gestures; D) Healing Sounds or Mantras.
  • Module 8: Healing Movements – Healing Kriyas & Energy Movements: Preparing for RYTT Level 3
  • Module 9: Teaching Yoga – Art of Communication; Finding your Own Voice; Creating Safe, Well Rounded & Inspirational Yoga Classes; Ethics; Yogic Lifestyle; Business & Marketing.
  • Module 10: Spiritual Study – A) Yoga Sutras, Gita, Hatha Yoga Pradipika; B) Buddhism: Guest Teachers from India; C) Buddhist Spiritual Practice through Meditation Classes.
  • SPECIALIZED MODULES: One or two extra modules might be offered either at the RYTT Level 1 or Level 2 Programs that are not considered part of the “core modules”. These yoga related modules are introductory and consists of  3 to 5 contact hours. Where applicable, contact hours will go towards larger programs offered at True Living Yoga Healing Center. The specialized module is presented by one of the Rahini Yoga 750 Hour Students and Sukh Shabad. Topics for this module may include but are not limited to: Restorative Yoga; Yoga Nidra; Prenatal Yoga; Kids Yoga; Yoga & Ayurveda: Yoga for your Body Type; Mudras for Yoga Therapy; Yoga Therapeutics; Movement Meditation. At a small additional cost. Are continuing education hours for Yoga Alliance.

Program Hours

The 500 Hours are Divided into Two Yoga Alliance Standard Categories. Category I is “contact hours”. A contact hour is an in-person classroom hour in the physical presence of a recognized Rahini Yoga faculty member. Category II is “non-contact hours”. A non-contact hour is an hour outside of the classroom, without a Rahini Yoga faculty member present. ”Non-contact hours” are homework assignments that support learning and comprehension. The amount of time this takes depends on the assignment and the individual.

CategoryContact HoursNon-Contact HoursTotal Hours
Techniques Training & Practice (Asanas, Rahini Yoga Flows, Pranayama, Meditation, Mantra, Mudras, Bandhas, Drishtis; Specialized Kriyas)100 Hours20 Hours120 Hours
Teaching Methodology (Principles of Demonstration, Observation, Assisting/Correcting, Instruction, Qualities of a Teacher; Teaching Skills & Communication; Business Aspects of Yoga)20 Hours10 Hours30 Hours
Anatomy & Physiology (Physical Anatomy/Physiology; Applied Anatomy & Asana Study; Hindu/Tibetan Energy Anatomy)10 Hours10 Hours20 Hours
Philosophy/Lifestyle/Ethics (Yogic & Buddhist Study; Sadhana, Seva, Sangha; Traditional Spiritual Texts; Rahini Yoga Code of Ethics)25 Hours5 Hours30 Hours
Practicum (Observing & Assisting; Supervised Group & Class Teaching)100 Hours0 Hours100 Hours
Total Course Hours255 Hours45 Hours300 Hours
Only 300 total hours are required for the 500 Hour Certification because the course is designed for the yoga student who has already successfully completed a Yoga Alliance 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Program. As stated above, 100 hours of the 300 hours are assistant teaching hours during the 200 hour Rahini Yoga Workshops. As part of the training, each student is required to take at least 20 Rahini Yoga classes and 7 meditation classes at True Living Yoga or at a True Living Yoga predetermined location. These hours are considered “contact hours”. The yoga classes are discounted.


300 Hour Documentation: Each student is required to keep a logbook of the amount of time and hours spent in every module or subject area of the teacher training program. This logbook should contain “contact” and “non-contact” hours and the “assistant teaching” hours. Instruction is provided on the best way to organize, record and complete the logbook. Each student must document the required 350 hours and hand in the logbook before graduation. This is a formal document and as such is required for program completion.

Rahini Yoga Practice Journal: During the entire length of the program, students are encouraged to keep a detailed journal of their personal “Rahini Yoga” yoga practice. This journal is intended to:

  • — Serve as a source of inspiration.
  • — Help cultivate discipline for a consistent and continuos Rahini Yoga practice.
  • — Promote mindfulness, self-reflection and self-discovery.
  • — Become part of your regular spiritual practice- Sadhana.


Required Reading

As Part of your Tuition, We Supply You with the Following Rahini Yoga Course Manuals:
  1. “Fundamentals of Rahini Yoga” by Sukh Shabad Singh, ND, PhD, ERYT-500, RCYT, RPYT
  2. “Rahini Yoga: Yoga of Spiritual Alignment” by Sukh Shabad Singh, ND, PhD, ERYT-500, RCYT, RPYT
  3. “Essential Yoga Poses of Rahini Yoga” by Sukh Shabad Singh, ND, PhD, ERYT-500, RCYT, RPYT
  4. “Rahini Yoga’s Code of Ethics” by Sukh Shabad Singh, ND, PhD, ERYT-500, RCYT, RPYT
 Additional Required Texts (Additional Cost)
  1. RYTT: Level 2 reading list is given to the enrolled student during the 500 Hour Yoga Teacher Training.

*Course Related Handouts will also be Distributed at No Additional Cost


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