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About This Program

The “Rahini School of Yoga and Meditation” is a Yoga Alliance Registered Children’s Yoga School – “RCYS”. Our children’s program is designed to meet, and in some cases exceed, Yoga Alliance’s curriculum standards.
Please read all the information found on this page. For more information, contact Heidi: (631) 486-3843.

Tuition: $1,350. Early Bird: $1,250

  1. Active Rahini Yoga Teachers: $1,200

Contact Person: Naomi at (631) 486-3843


Program FAQ

How do I obtain my required hours?

The required “contact” hours are obtained by completing the corse and all of its hour requirements.

What is the criteria for certification?

Each students is required to complete the 95 hours of training, all reading and written assignments, and any additional course requirements.

What if I don't have all my hours?

Students who are not eligible upon completion of the course are given additional opportunities to fulfill the requirements. If this is the case, please speak to the Directors of the program.

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Simply, Our Kids Yoga Teacher Training Program Rocks!

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Program Description

Welcome & Namaste!

With more than 15 years of experience in training yoga teachers, we know that the there is a significant difference between teaching adults and “children” and it is essential that teachers undego the appropriate training with a qualified, reputable, and nationally approved YOGA ALLIANCE REGISTERED CHILDREN’S YOGA SCHOOL-“RCYS”. We are such a school.

Blessings ~ Dr. Dean Telano (Sukh Shabad Singh), Director & Heidi Johnsen, CRYT 550, ERYT 500, Assistant Director

The Rahini Rocks! Children’s Yoga Teacher Training Course: Level 1, Begins with a 4 Hour Introductory Workshop. This “Rahini Rocks! FUN-damentals Workshop” is for ‘you’ and your future yoga kids and class setting”. This dynamic workshop will provide you with some simple, yet powerful and effective, FUN-damentals for building confidence, self-esteem, and creativity in yourself as a kid’s yoga teacher and for guiding you on how to work with children in a yoga environment. Although this workshop is experiential and fun, it covers: introduction to basic yoga postures appropriate for ages 6-15; creative movement concepts, storytelling, and games; creative breathing exercises and relaxation techniques for children; and some recommended props and resources to use during a class. This workshop only introduces the basics, and emphasizes teaching, playing, creating and feeling comfortable with children of all ages in a yoga environment.

This Program Is Intended For:

  1. Yoga teachers or yoga enthusiasts who wish to specialize in teaching yoga to children.
  2. Pediatricians, therapists, psychologists or other professionals who wish to augment their experience and expertise with the skills, tools, and techniques of yoga.
  3. Anyone who is interested in learning to teach yoga to children, such as parents, educators or teachers.
  • —You do NOT need any prior training or certification to participate in LEVEL 1—


Our Yoga Program Offers the Following Benefits for Children

  • BODY
  1. Devleops a strong body & flexible body.
  2. Increase balance & coordination.
  3. Improves posture, body awareness & physical alignment.
  4. Develops core strength, essential for back & spine health.
  5. Reduces injuries & improves performance.
  6. Assist in neuromuscular development & enhances motor skills.
  7. Helps to develop the vestibular system.
  8. Encourages midline crossing motions & motor development on both sides of body.
  9. Strengthens the immune system; improves digestion, elimination, circulation; promotes better sleep.
  • MIND
  1. Increases focus, concentration, comprehension & attention span.
  2. Teaches children how to be less reactive, impulsive & be more mindful of thoughts, words & actions.
  3. Calms, clears & steadies the mind.
  4. Promotes learning readiness, thinking & memory.
  5. Helps to cope with stress, tension, depression, nervousness or anxiety.
  6. Stimulates auditory processing & responsiveness.
  7. Promotes creative expression, imagination & visualization.
  8. Promotes positive thoughts & thinking.
  9. Improves mind-body & mind-breath connection.
  1. Builds self-confidence, self-esteem, self-control & discipline.
  2. Supports individuality & self-expression.
  3. Inspires respect for self and others.
  4. Develops character development & a sense of responsibility.
  5. Promotes working with others & relationship building activities.
  6. Encourages the development of communication & social interaction.
  7. Encourages a healthy lifestyle & a sense of general well being.
  8. Educates children about environment, earth, animals & nature.
  9. Supports a sense of universal connectedness.

Benefits of Certification

Once certified, you’ll be qualified to teach children in yoga studios, schools, community centers, and other family oriented settings. Teaching yoga to a special population, such as children, also increases your marketability. If you’re interested in one-on-one yoga training, a children’s yoga teaching certification allows you to work with children. Graduates of this program are “certified” through the Rahini School of Yoga and Meditation and also qualify for “registration” with Yoga Alliance® as Registered Children’s Yoga Teachers (RCYT’s). 

95 Program Hours: Meets Yoga Alliance Standards

The Hours are Divided into 2 Yoga Alliance Categories: Contact & Non-Contact Hours. contact hour is an in-person classroom hour in the physical presence of a recognized Rahini Yoga faculty member. A non-contact hour is an hour outside of the classroom, without a Rahini Yoga faculty member present. “Non-contact hours” are homework assignments that support learning and comprehension. The amount of time this takes depends on the assignment and the individual.

CategoryContact HoursNon-Contact HoursTotal Hours
General Background (Includes the study & understanding of all childhood developmental stages from age 6-15 & how the issues of each stage impact what is appropriate for teaching them; Includes the understanding of the yoga teacher’s relationships with parents/guardians & basic communication skills for conducting those relationships)12 Hours2 Hours14 Hours
Techniques Training & Practice (Includes yoga-based practices appropriate for child development, such as asanas, asana-based movement, yoga-based games and activities, breathing techniques and chanting)20 Hours2 Hours22 Hours
Teaching Methodology (Includes knowledge of classroom techniques, lesson plans & group processing for children’s activities; age-appropriate teaching skills for yoga class techniques (how to phrase age-appropriate questions to a child) & effective communication skills: songs & stories- for working with children)15 Hours0 Hours15 Hours
Anatomy & Physiology (Anatomy & physiology related to changes during child development & their application to yoga techniques; includes the study of the subject & application of its principles to yoga practice: benefits, contraindications, healthy movement patterns, etc; includes bodily systems, organs, etc. & energy anatomy)10 Hours2 Hours12 Hours
Philosophy/Lifestyle/Ethics (Basic yoga precepts as they relate to children & to teaching Yoga to children: Yamas & Niyamas; awareness of ethical behavior & state and local legal requirements as related to behavior with & supervision of children; training parameters & techniques of ethical touch, language & behavior with regard to teaching children)12 Hours2 Hours14 Hours
Practicum (Observing Teaching; Supervised Assistant Teaching; Includes Feedback)18 Hours0 Hours18 Hours
Total Course Hours87 Hours8 Hours95 Hours

Course Reading Materials

  1. You will receive the course reading list & reading assignments when fully enrolled. This list will inform you what to read before the course begins. These readings assignments are an important part of the course.
  2. All Lesson Plans or Outlines will be handed out during the 1st Workshop.


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