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About This Program

Our Yoga School is Registered by Yoga Alliance® at the 200-hour and 500-hour levels – RYS 200 & RYS 500. We are also a Yoga Alliance® Registered Children’s Yoga School (RCYS) and Yoga Alliance® Registered Prenatal Yoga School (RPYS).

Applicants must be Graduates of the Rahini Yoga 200 Hour and 550 Hour Teacher Training Programs.

For more information, contact Heidi, Assistant Director of Rahini School of Yoga and Meditation at: (631) 486-3843.


Program FAQ

Where is this program offered?

This program is offered at True Living Yoga Healing Center, 268 Larkfield Road, East Northport, NY. Contact Heidi at: (631) 486-3843. The locations for the Yoga / Meditation Retreat and Labyrinth Walks are discussed during the program.

What is the criteria for certification?

Each 500 Hour Graduate is required to complete: the 200 hours of training needed for the 750 hour program; all reading and written assignments; and a Rahini Yoga Final Project assigned by the Director of the Program.

What if I don't have all my hours?

Students who are not eligible upon completion of the course are given additional opportunities to fulfill the requirements. If this is the case, please speak to the Directors of the program.

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Long Island School of Yoga and Meditation:

Rahini Yoga Teacher Training (RYTT): Advanced Senior Teacher

CRYT 800: Overview

Namaskar & Welcome!

With more than 15 years of experience in training yoga teachers, we discovered the best way to learn how to teach yoga is to immerse yourself in a yogic practice and lifestyle so that your teaching comes from deep personal experiences that are meaningful, purposeful, and spiritual.

With Metta,

  • Dr. Dean Telano/Sukh Shabad Singh, Founder & Director of Rahini School of Yoga & Meditation
  • Heidi Johnsen, CRYT 550, E-RYT 500, RMT, Co-Director of Rahini School of Yoga & Meditation


Program Overview:  Our 800 Hour Teacher Program exceeds Yoga Alliance highest standards by an additional 250 hours of study, training and practice. This program is for the dedicated Rahini Yoga student and teacher who wish to deepen and advance their Rahini Yoga knowledge, skills and experience. All information shared at this level is Rahini Yoga related and embodies the true spirit of Rahini. Graduates from The Rahini Yoga 500 Hour Teacher Training Program only need an additional 200 hours to complete this course.

This program affords the student the opportunity to work closely with Sukh Shabad, the Founder of Rahini Yoga and the Director of the Rahini School of Yoga and Meditation. Through limited enrollment, Sukh Sabad is able to guide and mentor the student and provide invaluable feedback throughout the program. 


  1. This program is open to students who have graduated from the Rahini Yoga 500 Hour Teacher Training Program.
  2. Students have to be at least a Level 2 Certified Meditation Teacher from the Rahini School of Yoga & Meditation.

We strongly recommend if a student is going to apply to the Rahini Yoga 750 Hour Program to do so immediately. If there is a substantial “gap”, as deemed by the Director and Assistant Director, between the training programs (RYTT Level 2 & 3) then the 500 hour graduate student is required to complete the following prerequisites before applying to the Rahini Yoga 750 hour program:

  1. Take additional Rahini Yoga Classes.
  2. Take additional Mind-Body Healing Meditation Classes.
  3. Assistant teach at the 500 hour level, meeting a specific quota of training hours.
  4. Attend the current Rahini Yoga speciality workshops.

The four prerequisites are intended to increase the comfort level of the applying student by bringing the student up-to-date with the Rahini Yoga Programs and by acting as a review for previous Rahini Yoga studies. Of course, the greater the “gap” between RYTT 2 & 3, the greater the prerequisite requirement. Each of the four prerequisites are at an additional cost.

RegistrationIf all prerequisites have been met, then the student is eligible to apply and complete the application forms. 

Enrollment and Acceptance: Students must be good standing to progress to this level. Due to limited enrollment per year, all candidates interested in RYTT Level 3, must apply and wait upon acceptance. Acceptance is at the discretion of the Director and Assistant Director of the program and how full the program is at that time. Students will receive notification via email.

“Not having heard something is not as good as having heard it; having heard it is not as good as having seen it; having seen it is not as good as knowing it; knowing it is not as good as putting it into practice.” – Chinese Proverb

Curriculum: The Art of Practice

“Knowledge Informs, Experience Transforms”

The Rahini 750 Hour Program shows the student how the Art of Practice can create an “Open-Hearted Space of Discovery” within. This program cultivates a deeper experience of Rahini Yoga through integration of workshop, hands-on, and home practices. The importance of “practicing practice” is explored.

This program is also for students and teachers who are interested in understanding the full dimension of Rahini Yoga as a Healing Art. Restorative Yoga, Yin Yoga and Therapeutic Yoga-Related Practices are Accentuated. 

The Curriculum is divided into core “modules”. The modules will take you deeper into learning and teaching by focusing on a variety of concepts and practices. Each module is an extension of the modules in RYTT Level 2 but entail greater knowledge, in-depth instruction, and more hours of practice and study. Each module varies in breadth, scope, and hours of practice and study. Assignments are given with specific modules to encourage the student to explore the depth of the module and promote self-discovery. 

  • Module: Rahini Yoga / Naad Yoga / Raja Yoga – A) Specific Healing Sounds for the Body & Mind; 
  • Module: Yoga Asana – Joint Movements; Warm Ups; Vinyasas – With Handouts & Detailed Instruction; Assistant Teaching during Rahini Yoga 550 Hour Program.
  • Module: Prana Building Breath Exercises – With Handouts & Detailed Instruction.
  • Module: Therapeutic Yoga Kriyas for Specific Health Conditions – With Handouts & Detailed Instruction.
  • Module: Mudras for Health Conditions – Specific Health Conditions will be Covered: Part 1.
  • Module: Yoga for Special Populations – Various Groups are Covered during the Program: Part 1.
  • Module: Ayurveda – A) Intro to Ayurveda B) Finding your Body & Mind Type: Constitution; C) Asanas for your Body Type.
  • Module: Gunas – A) Gunas and the Mind; B) Gunas and Nutrition; C) Gunas in Asana Practice.
  • Module: Meditation Training  A) Mindfulness Practice; B) Healing Walking Meditation;
  • Module: Yoga Spirituality – Specific Yoga Texts for this Particular Level.

To Help Create an “Open-Hearted Space of Discovery”, the Curriculum also Includes the Following:

  1. Specialized Workshop Yoga Project with Sukh Shabad: Workshop Topic Decided during the Program.
  2. Pranayama Practice and Journaling – Combining Practices to Reflect your Inner Energy World: As part of the Pranayama Module there is a pranayama home study component which requires the student to record and journal their progress of various practices and reflect on the results and observations that are discovered. Sukh Shabad will meet privately with each student and assign specific pranayamas.  
  3. Mindfulness Practice: Mindfulness is the practice of purposely focusing your attention on the present moment – and accepting it without judgement. Specific mindfulness techniques will be assigned for practice.
  4. Rahini Healing Retreat: Details are announced during the Rahini Yoga 750 Hour Program.



250 Hour Documentation: Each student is required to keep a logbook of the amount of time and hours spent in every module or subject area of the teacher training program. This logbook should contain “contact” and “non-contact” hours and the “assistant teaching” hours. Instruction is provided on the best way to organize, record and complete the logbook. Each student must document the required 350 hours and hand in the logbook before graduation. This is a formal document and as such is required for program completion.

Rahini Yoga Journal: During the entire length of the program, students are encouraged to keep a detailed journal of their personal “Rahini Yoga” yoga practice. This journal is intended to:

  • — Serve as a source of inspiration.
  • — Help cultivate discipline for a consistent and continuos Rahini Yoga practice.
  • — Promote mindfulness, self-reflection and self-discovery.
  • — Become part of your regular spiritual practice- Sadhana.


Required Reading

  1. RYTT: Level 3 reading list is given to the enrolled student during the 750 Hour Yoga Teacher Training.
  2. Additional reading assignments will be given to the student during the program.


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