Meditation Teacher Training & Certification Program


About This Program

Upon completion of the course, each student will receive a certificate from the Rahini School of Yoga and Meditation, a Yoga Alliance Registered School (RYS).

  • Keep a Personal Meditation Journal throughout the Course.
  • Complete all Reading Assignments.
  • Practice the Assigned Meditation Techniques.

$385 plus $20 for the Required Course Meditation Manual.


Program FAQ

How do I obtain my required hours?

The required hours are facilitated through classroom practices and lectures; monthly group meditation classes; home meditation practice; and home study assignments.

What is the criteria for certification?

The criteria for certification is the completion of the 50 required hours.

What if I don't have all my hours?

Students who are not eligible upon completion of the course are given additional opportunities to fulfill the requirements. Speak to Heidi, the Assistant Director of Rahini School of Yoga and Meditation.

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Accessing the spiritual realm through the daily practice of meditation opens the way to manifesting your deepest desires. By changing your thoughts, beliefs, expectations, and intentions and connecting with stillness, you will allow the unbounded, unlimited abundance of the universe to flow easily and effortlessly into your life. — Deepak Chopra

Meditation Training & Immersion: Level 1

Course Description

Our 50 hour authentic meditation training course is designed whether you would like to learn how to meditate, considering meditation as a career path, or simply wish to deepen your practice and enhance your knowledge. This course offers different ways to meditate and supplies you with the necessary meditation “tools” to improve your life or enhance your career.

This comprehensive meditation program has a “flexible” schedule that works for busy people.

In addition, students will have an opportunity to attend monthly “Group” meditation classes and participate in “Labyrinth Walking” which includes “Breath Meditation Walking” (these particular events are separate from the actual program and are for an additional cost).

During the program, each student will have a chance to meet privately with the course instructor – Dr. Dean Telano (Sukh Shabad Singh), to discuss their personal meditation practice or address any questions they may have about meditation.



  • Breathwork to Clear & Calm Mind before Meditation.
  • Energy Movements & Stretching: Preparing the Body for Meditation.
  • Proper Sitting Posture: 7 Elements.
  • Meditation Instruction & Daily Practice.
  • Sitting, Standing & Walking Meditation Instruction & Practice.
  • Japa/Mantra Meditation & Mala Bead Practice.
  • Group Meditation.
  • Instruction on How to Use Various Meditation Accessories.


  • Simple Steps to Develop a Meditation Practice.
  • 10 Steps to Tame the “Monkey-Mind”.
  • Overcoming Common Obstacles to Meditation. 
  • Benefits of Meditation.
  • The Effects Meditation has on the Brain.
  • Different Types of Meditation Techniques.
  • Teaching Meditation to Others: 20 Simple Meditation Scripts.
  • Reading Assignments.
  • Journaling.



  • — People who have never mediated before or have no prior meditation experience.
  • — Experienced meditators who would like to deepen and refresh their practice.
  • — People who want to offer meditation instruction in a group setting, such as: a yoga class; school groups; therapy sessions; work environments; or corporate retreats.
  • — People who want to give one-on-one meditation instruction.


Program Hours

The 50 hours are divided into 30 classroom hours and 20 home study and meditation practice hours. Home study consists of reading assignments that support learning and comprehension. Home meditation practice supports “experiential learning”, an integral part of this program. Usually, the student will discover their outside classroom study and practice will easily exceed the 20 required hours.

Course Reading

Required Reading Manual (Additional Cost) and Materials
  1. “Mind of Clear Light Meditation”, Dean Telano / Sukh Shabad Singh, ND, PhD, ERYT-500, RCYT, RPYT
  2. Course Related Handouts (No Cost).

Suggested Reading (Not Required)

  1. Recommended Reading is Announced during the Course.

Meditation is at its most potent when you have no expectation, when you’re open to everything, and when you maintain an attitude of naive fascination. — Paul Wilson, The Quiet

Additional MeditationTraining

Meditation Levels 2 & 3

For the student interested in deepening their meditation experience, to incorporate more meditation techniques into their personal practice or to increase their teaching knowledge and skill, additional meditation training courses are offered.

Contact Us for Additional Information about Levels 2 & 3.

Course Instructor

Dean Telano / Sukh Shabad Singh, ND, PhD, ERYT-500, RCYT, RPYT – Director of Rahini School of Yoga & Meditation.

Click Here to learn more about Dr. Dean.


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